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Open Format - Turntablism - Moncton, New Brunswick

To his friends and family, He's known as Mitchell Wallace, A dad living the East Coast dream in Moncton, NB.
Stages and Dancefloors across Canada have known him as MitchE.Wilde Tearing up track after track always leaving people needing more of the Funk. Constantly digging through old records so you never had to was Mitch's thing, like a good neighbor, he Always had your back 100%.
Taking some years off to focus on the fam jam was key for Wallace, Mitch's new Alias, giving up the Wilde years and getting back to basics.
Parties are supposed to be fun, Vibes are supposed to be high. Never focusing on that new new and just putting together sets that get people smiling, moving and most importantly guessing what is coming next is Wallace's mission.

WALLACE: TeamMember

WALLACE - ON DECKS @ 1:43:00

WALLACE: Welcome
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