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Canada`s Premier PRIMUS Tribute

PORK SODA is a unique Tribute who adds original flavour to their performances. They have played at a variety of venues, drawing from the extensive collection of PRIMUS`s musical sounds and styles.

A shared love for good atmosphere, funky grooves and Primus are what fueled the inner workings of this trio`s creative conscious. From those core components, a particular hybrid was crafted: groove centric, astonishing basslines with funk alternative metal centered melodies, led by an infectious energy bursting at the seams. The experience of the Trio`s live show is cathartic for their devout fan base, and at the very least a twisted new experience for their newcomers.

Leo Melanson – Bass/Vocals

Pierre Hebert – Guitar

Joel Chavarie- Drums

Moncton, New-Brunswick

PORK SODA: Clients
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