The Ultimate Tragically Hip Experience

A sound and performance strikingly similar to the Hips studio recordings

Based in Moncton New Brunswick, Bobcaygeon`s Tragically Hip Tribute truly delivers The Ultimate Authentic Experience.

Originally formed in 2013 Bobcaygeon has experienced steady growth and success in many parts of the Maritime provinces.

At first, the band’s main focus was to perform on special occasions. However, with a deep fondness for the music, a hard work ethic and a sound strikingly similar to the real band’s studio recordings, Bobcaygeon became one of the busiest bands in the local music industry.

Presently, Bobcaygeon performs regularly at several events, festivals and venues across the Maritimes. They are a crowd favourite amongst many. They work tirelessly to bring you a show that looks and sounds like the real deal. They will keep you hanging on the end of your seat with a performance designed to capture the interest of all like-minded Hip fans. 


The Ultimate Tragically Hip Experience. Delivering authentic high quality replica performances.